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Welcome to the CaramoCare Family & 1st (full) Edition of the Chronicles.

This edition has one of every feature we developed - for illustration. Future editions will have a selection of these. Don't worry they'll be a much shorter read!

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While Monkeypox cases in the UK are reducing, the move to split vaccine doses in the US hit glitches.

With limited vaccine supplies, the US has started giving doses intradermally rather than subcutaneously (fancy terms for into the skin versus into the layers under the skin). A one-fifth dose has been effective via this route. The community welcomed this news though some technical issues have hampered efforts and led to wastage and disappointment. For example, some vial bungs broke before all doses were drawn up (they were only designed to be accessed once, of course). Lots of doses were wasted.

Europe is also looking at splitting vials to give multi-doses intradermally.

Rainbow sunglasses with decorative daisy and text ' Chillin' & Colourin''

Chillin' and Colourin'

Themed meditative colouring sheets to print & enjoy.

A song lyric this week to get the actual launch going. I'm figuring out how to do these, like the books. Bear with as Miranda's mother might say....

There must be a hack for doing these!

There may be a late update to the newsletter!

‘Let’s get this party started’.

Take your time, colour carefully & breathe…..

Party Scene for colouring
HYNTYL - Honestly You Need This In Your Life. Pink speech-bubble - Hi in black

HYNTIYL - Honestly, You Need This In Your Life

Something new that's so awesome, cool or just efficient that I HAD to share it. Let's be Ninjas together!

The Chwazi App

Picture of 4 people's fingers on phone screen. A cartoona nd 1 is chsoen.

This is genius—when someone needs to pay the bill or wash the dishes, for example. How do you choose who? This app is simple, and all those in the game put a finger on the screen, and it lights up each, builds suspense, and then chooses one - the chosen one! The spotlight is on you!

It could work for almost anything and of course depending on the 'prize' at the end, you might be a winner or loser if you're picked.

Pink Cow and yellow banner saying controversy

Fears of stigmatisation from Monkeypox - Is it HIV and 'It's a Sin" all over again?

While it is too early to be confident, the number of new Monkeypox cases may be tailing off. Concerns around messaging around predominantly homosexual men being affected lead to concerns that the community faces discrimination and shame again as they did with HIV 40 years ago.

Indeed 'It's A Sin' recently on Channel 4 brought home how stigmatising that was. We should all have been appalled at how individuals and groups were treated. While the fear was real, that can be no excuse.

Picture of black goat with pink writing saying The GOAT

The First Issue HAD to be the original GOAT - Mohammed Ali

An inspirational man and athlete. Look at these other boxers try & imitate him.

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. His hands can't hit what his eyes can't see. Now you see me, now you don't. George thinks he will, but I know he won't.

Mohammed Ali photo looking strong, beautiful and vulnerable

He was like a ballet dancer, dancing around his prey until he struck. He was lyrical, poetic and beautiful. With two fights called the Thrilla in Manila and the Rumble in the Jungle there was something special going on. The greatest heavyweight ever - bar none!

He converted to Islam & became a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War, costing him much of his career and delivering a lot of hate from the American people. He regained this in spades later. He walked the walk rather than talked the talk and supported civil rights, even earning the Martin Luther King medal. From Louisville, Kentucky, he well-knew the effects of segregation.

  • 'My only fault is that I don't realize how great I really am - what can you honestly say to that?

  • I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was - quite incredible!

  • It's hard to be humble when you're as great as I am

  • I said I was the greatest, not the smartest! - after being downgraded for conscription due to dyslexia

There were so many more poetic ones. One on every bit of life. Check more out with the link above - you can almost hear him say them.

So, for our first edition, he really was the GOAT. Watch documentaries on his life - it was beyond imagination and completely extraordinary.

String of yellow and pink hearts and text Hit of Heartwarming

Graduation Billboards a thing post-Covid19 in the US

Picture of huge graduation billboard against the sky

Graduates have missed in-person classes, sometimes the regular examinations and then graduations. They are still missing proms and balls. Some parents took to hiring billboards to shout out how proud they were!

There are online videos of these being revealed to students. Pure unadulterated joy after so much Pandemic stress.

Large pink frame with giant pink speech-marks and text Kwik Quotations

From the Original G.O.A.T. (& he had a lot to choose from!)

Quick yet profound quotes. Something to perhaps anchor a week. Sometimes they'll speak directly to you. Sometimes not so much. Hopefully, they will always be inspirational or foster hope.

Tweet mohammed Ali Quote - service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth

CaramoCare is 1st class Concierge Care as well as PAYG services to help families budget.

After the huge background works our team can share free resources to help everyone,. Small donations (buy me a coffee) & large donations enable us to see some of those most in need pro bono.

You can only look at services to others when your cup is filling near the top. Our work will help those we help live out the GOAT’s ideals. Let's pay it forward when we're ready to.

Acropolis clip art, On this day in hostory

Tuesday was the 49th anniversary of an event that spawned a syndrome

49 years ago, a Stockholm back was held up by robbers. After 6 days stuck in the vault, when it was ending, the hostages were protective of the perpetrators.

Such was the origin of Stockholm Syndrome. Unlike Imposter Syndrome which is wildly more common, Stockholm Syndrome is a recognised Psychiatric diagnosis. Most cases are pop-psychology, rather than diagnoses by an actual clinician. Made in the media, not the consultation room.

I'm writing a short punchy book on Imposter Syndrome so more of that coming soon!

It is also much more complex than customarily portrayed, looking at survival instincts, PTSD and brainwashing. It's so rare and unpredictable that there is hardly any research into it. Understandably research would be challenging.

Picture of the earth overlaid by scream emoji and text=Earth Scream

Climate News - not always good. Sometimes terrifying.

The Bad :

The UK has set a new record with the first ripe blackberry appearing on 15 June. That sounds benign and is actually terrifying. In the field behind my house, they are just ripening now. The UK's south and east coast and much of the centre is brown on satellite photos - it's still green here, so we've escaped hosepipe bans so far. The drought is real.

Elsewhere, bodies have been found in Lake Mead in the US from the 40s as water levels dropped (eek!). Hunger stones appeared in Germany & the Czech Republic as river levels dropped. Carved centuries ago, they told us that when they appear, pain is coming. They're right!

A more beautiful reveal is a series of 3 statues designed to protect river traffic on the Yangtze river from the 1400s to the 1600s.

Interesting though that these are, they are terrifying. What they mean is terrifying - drought is worldwide, and many can't tolerate it, leading to population shifts. Where the developing world has suffered for years, it is no longer hidden from the rest.

The Good:

Not only is this thin solar panel film developed in the Northeast, but the premise is also that we can do so much more. We could supply the UK's needs with purely south-facing business buildings.

That's mind-blowing! A challenge beyond imagination, but possible!

Pink and yellow speech-bubbles with text 'And in other news'

And in other news - you must be exhausted!

I hope you enjoyed this first edition and will keep coming back for more.

I hope that more than anything as well as coming along for the ride, you will want to (and feel empowered to) contribute. And of course, please share widely!